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Camden-Frontier In-Home Counseling Request

Camden-Frontier is proud to offer in-home and at-school counseling services to our students.  This service is provided free to charge to C-F students and families.  To learn more about this confidential service provided by C-F counselor Sharon Turnbull, please complete the form below. 

C-F's In-Home Counselor

Sharon Turnbull, MA, LLPC

I received my state license in Community Counseling in 2002, and I have been working within Hillsdale County and the schools since 2003. As a counselor, I listen and support students who have social, emotional, and academic needs.  I help each student to process their unique situations and/or problems. We work together to come up with a plan and goals to improve their situations. Some examples of problems we work on include relationships with other people, stress, anxiety, depression, academic concerns, and improving communication with others. I can also help link people to other community resources. I am available at the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, by phone, text, email, virtual links, appointments at the school, and possible home visits.

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