Time to Choose:  In-Person or Online/Distance Learning

All Camden-Frontier families may choose in-person instruction (under Phase 4 state restrictions) or online/distance learning.  Please keep the following in mind as you make your decision:

1.  The state mask-wearing and other requirements apply to every school in Hillsdale County.

2.  These requirements are not optional for C-F or our staff, students and community members.

3.  If you choose in-person instruction now, you may change to online/distance learning at any time.

4.  If you choose online/distance learning, your child can only move back to in-person instruction on

     either November 9 or January 25.

5.  Students who choose online/distance learning can participate in athletics and extracurriculars.

6.  All students will receive a device (Chromebook or iPad) regardless of their in-person/online choice.

7.  All students must be registered for either in-person or online/distance learning by August 28.  Please

     complete a registration form for all students in your household by "refreshing" this page after

     completing each form. 

8.  Questions?  Email us here.

Currently Hillsdale County

is in Phase 4

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