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Food Allergies?

Important Information

Dear C-F Families,


Does your child have any food allergens. If your child(ren) has food allergies/sensitivities, please send in written documentation with a physician's order stating the allergen. Please use this form with your physician.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at amanda.cuff@cfss.org.

Please discuss with your children the urgency for precautions taken for children with food allergies. It is of the utmost importance to keep our students safe at all costs; some allergens can be a matter of life and death. As with every day, children are not allowed to switch food. 

Kind regards,

Miss Amanda

Food Service Director

 Monday, January 03

Country Fried Steak- Cal 350/Sod. 320

Mashed Potatoes- Cal 70/Sod. 95

Green Beans- Cal 20/Sod. 0

Applesauce- Cal 60/Sod. 15


Tuesday, January 04

(2g,2m) W/G Fish Sticks- Cal 210/Sod. 330

1/2c Coleslaw- Cal 150/Sod. 340

1/2c Celery- Cal 14/Sod. 80

1/2c Strawberries- Cal 40/Sod. 0

1g W/G Roll- Cal 80/Sod. 90

Wednesday, January 05

Grilled Cheese- Cal 280/Sod. 580

Chili- Cal 150/Sod. 230

Loaded Veggie Salad- Cal 50/Sod. 10

Pears- Cal 60/Sod. 5

Thursday, January 06

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap- Cal 260/Sod.550

-with let/tom/cheese- Cal 150/Sod. 205

Sun Chips- Cal 140/Sod. 140

Carrots- Cal 15/Sod. 35

Banana- Cal 110/Sod. 0


Friday, January 07

Hungry Howie's- Cal 310/Sod. 480

Ranch Veggies- Cal 60/Sod. 85

Apple- Cal 70/Sod. 0

Apple Bosco- Cal 200/Sod. 170


Monday, January 10

(2m,1g) Popcorn Chicken- Cal 260/Sod.550

French Fries- Cal 170/Sod. 200

1/2c Green Beans- Cal 35/Sod. 0

1/2c Strawberries- Cal 90/Sod. 0

1oz W/G Roll- Cal 80/Sod. 90


Tuesday, January 11

2oz Bosco Sticks- Cal 300/Sod. 215

Celery- Cal 15/Sod. 80

Baby Carrots- Cal 15/Sod. 35

Clementine- Cal 35/Sod. 0


Wednesday, January 12

(2m,1g) Beef Nachos- Cal 200/Sod. 100

Refried Beans- Cal 140/Sod. 530

Mexican Corn- Cal 100/Sod. 0

Baked Apples- Cal 50/Sod. 10

1oz W/G Rice Crispy- Cal 240/Sod. 160

Thursday, January 13

Hungry Howie's Pizza- Cal 222/Sod. 390

Ranch Veggies- Cal 60/Sod. 85

Banana-  Cal 110/Sod. 0

1oz Cookie- Cal 200/Sod. 130


Friday, January 14

Fried ChickenCal 220/Sod. 530

Sweet Potatoes- Cal 130/Sod. 5

Green Leafy vegetable

Peach Cobbler- Cal 270/Sod. 240

Corn Bread- Cal 180/Sod. 90

Monday, January 17     

No School/ Staff PD Day

Tuesday, January 18

(2g,2m) Corn Dog- Cal 240/Sod. 470

Tater Tots- Cal 130/Sod. 310

Peas- Cal 60/Sod. 0

Grapes- Cal 35/Sod. 5

Wednesday, January 19

Scrambled Eggs- Cal 90/Sod. 230

2-Sausage Links (1m)- Cal 100/Sod. 105 (x2)

Mini Pancakes (2g) Cal 220/Sod. 270

Kale Salad- Cal 95/Sod. 95

Banana- Cal 110/Sod. 0

Thursday, January 20

Grilled Chicken Breast- Cal 100/Sod. 310

Split Roll- Cal 130/Sod. 140

Baked Beans- Cal 130/Sod. 310

Baby Carrots- Cal 15/Sod. 35

Pineapple- Cal 60/Sod. 

Friday, January 21

(2g, 2m) Retro Pizza-Cal 310/Sod. 480

Baby Carrots- Cal15/Sod. 35

Side Salad- Cal 10/Sod. 0

Clementine- Cal 35/Sod. 0

Monday, January 24

Cheese Omelet- Cal 300/Sod. 120

Baby Carrots- Cal 15/Sod. 35

Blueberries Crisp- Cal 80/Sod. 0

Go-Gurt- Cal 45/Sod. 30

W/G Muffin- Cal 190/Sod. 135

Tuesday, January 25

Baked Spaghetti- Cal/215/Sod. 130

Cottage Cheese- Cal 200/Sod. 30

Green Beans- Cal 20/Sod. 0

Pears- Cal 60/Sod. 5

Garlic Twist- Cal 150/Sod. 180

Wednesday, January 26

Chicken Taco- Cal 120/Sod. 260

Refried Beans- Cal 140/Sod. 530

Mexican Corn- Cal 100/Sod. 0

Mixed Berries- Cal 90/Sod. 0

Thursday, January 27

Sloppy Jo- Cal 150/Sod. 15

Emoji Fries= Cal 140/Sod. 95

Coleslaw- Cal 74/Sod. 96

Baby Carrots- Cal 15/Sod. 35

Banana- Cal 110/Sod. 0

Friday, January 28

W/G Pizza- Cal 310/Sod. 480

Bacon Ranch Pasta- Cal 60/Sod. 85

Green Peppers- Cal 30/Sod. 0

Sherbet- Cal 100/Sod. 15

Monday, January 31 

Chicken Sandwich- Cal 240/Sod 440

Broccoli w/ranch- Cal 180/Sod. 285

Baked Beans- Cal 160/Sod. 140

Mixed Berries- Cal 120/Sod. 0

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