Camden- Frontier Daily Lunch Menu

Breakfast and Lunch are Free to All Students at Camden-Frontier for the 2022-2023 School Year!

Food Allergies?

Important Information

Dear C-F Families,


Does your child have any food allergens. If your child(ren) has food allergies/sensitivities, please send in written documentation with a physician's order stating the allergen. Please use this form with your physician.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at

Please discuss with your children the urgency for precautions taken for children with food allergies. It is of the utmost importance to keep our students safe at all costs; some allergens can be a matter of life and death. As with every day, children are not allowed to switch food. 

Kind regards,

Miss Amanda

Food Service Director

 ** Additional required fruit for 9-12 grade


Monday, November 28

(2m) BBQ Meatballs

3/4c. Broccoli & Cheese

1/2c. Mason's Baked Beans

3/4c. Chunky Applesauce

(2g) W/G Roll

1/2c Peaches**

Tuesday, November 29

(2m,1g) Chicken Nuggets

3/4c. Sweet Potato Fries

1/2c. Celery

3/4c. Grapes

1g. W/G Roll

1/2c Raisins**

Wednesday, November 30

 (2g,2m) W/G Grilled Cheese

1c. Tomato Soup

1c. Tossed Salad

1/2c. Baby Carrots

1/2c. Apple Slices

1/2c. Craisins**

Thursday, December 01

(2m) Grilled Chicken Breast

3/4c. Baked Potato

1/2c. Corn on the Cob

1/2c. Peaches

(2g) W/G Pretzel Roll

1/2c. Pineapple**

Friday, December 02

(2m/a) Hungry Howie's

1c. Green Beans

1/2c. Strawberries

(1g) W/G Cinnamon Bun

(1g) Go-Gurt

W/G Blueberry Muffin (First Grade ONLY)

1/2c. Pears**

Daily Lunch Menu

 My MealTime

Student Lunch Accounts



(2g) Cheerios Cereal Bowl - Cal 210/Sod 320


(1g) W/G Poptart - Cal 170/ Sod 115

(1g) W/G Educational Cracker - Cal 120/ Sod 65

1/2c. Banana - Cal 110/ Sod 0

1/2c. Cherry Craisin's - Cal 110/ Sod 0

1c. Milk - Cal 100/ Sod 105


(1) W/G Granola Bar - Cal 100/ Sod 70

(1g) W/G Cheez It's - Cal 100/ Sod 150

1/2c. Strawberry Cup - Cal 90/Sod 0

1/2c. Apple Slices - Cal 30/ Sod 0

1c. Milk - Cal 100/ Sod 105



Cereal Kit - Cal 270/ Sod 220

(1g) W/G Cereal

(1g) W/G Cracker

1/2c. Juice

1/2c. Raisins - Cal 130/ Sod 10

1c. Milk Cal 100/Sod 105


(1g) W/G Muffin - Cal 190/Sod 135

(1g) Go-Gurt - Cal 45/ Sod 30

1/2c. Peaches - Cal 80/ Sod 0

1/2c. Strawberry Craisins - Cal 110/ Sod 0

1c. Milk - Cal 100/ Sod 105


Cereal Kit - Cal 270/ Sod 220

(1g) W/G Cereal

(1g) W/G Cracker

1/2c. Juice

1/2c. Clementine - Cal 35/ Sod 0

1c. Milk - Cal 100/ Sod 105


Weekly Breakfast Menu