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Our Mission

The Camden-Frontier School community including staff, students, parents and stakeholders will provide a foundation of educational opportunities that enable all students to succeed in our changing society.

Our Vision

All Camden-Frontier students will be responsible for achieving academic, social and workplace competencies and for becoming life-long learners.

Belief Statements

  • In the intrinsic value of every human being.

  • That all human beings are responsible for their choices through educational guidance.

  • That all people have the capacity and responsibility to learn.

  • That education adds value to life.

  • That all people must be able to collaborate and function in a global society.

  • That learning is an active process of doing, cooperating, reflecting, connecting and growing.

  • That school must be a caring, safe, and respectful environment.

  • That the educational community's responsibility is to facilitate the process of learning.

  • The instructor is the facilitator of learning.

  • The building level administrator is the leader of instructors.

  • District level administrators and the board of education are coalition builders with district stakeholders and other stewards of the public trust and resources - all with a common focus on children and their achievement.

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